Wishing Dr. Johanna J. Abernathy A Wonderful Retirement!

Wishing Dr. Johanna J. Abernathy A Wonderful Retirement!

After more than 38 (42 if you count residency) years in practice at OB-GYN Associates, P.C. and Cosmetic Solutions, Dr. Abernathy is ready to shift her focus and spend more time working with and volunteering her time to her favorite non-profit organizations, leisure time and travel.
Over these 38 years Dr. Abernathy has cared for literally thousands of patients and has delivered and welcomed thousands of babies in to this world.
Throughout her tenure, Dr. Abernathy chaired, co-chaired and/or participated as a member on several State and National committees in the field of medicine and more specifically within the realm of her specialty, obstetrics and gynecology.
Additionally, over the years, she has given countless hours of her time to numerous organizations in our local community including Waypoint, United Way, Planned Parenthood, Women's Leadership Initiative, American Heart Assn, Theater Cedar Rapids, Girl Scouts to name a few.
Dr. Abernathy was voted "Outstanding Woman of the Year", recipient of the Governor's Award for Volunteer Services and was also named Planned Parenthood "Tribute Honoree"
Dr. Abernathy extends a special THANKS to all of her patients for entrusting their healthcare to her for so many years and for the wonderful opportunity and experience to be a part of their lives during the delivery of their children or during their own health problems or concerns.

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