Why do we get wrinkles?

Time, air pollution and sun exposure lead to unwelcome changes of your skin texture, color and elasticity. As damage occurs, the outer layer of skin, the epidermis, becomes thicker and the inner layer, the dermis, becomes thinner. The production of collagen and elastin fibers slows down. Fine lines, enlarged pores, and thick roughened skin appear. The goal of any skin rejuvenation technique is to turn over the skin more rapidly, to thin down the outer layer and stimulate the inner layer to increase the production of collagen and elastin fibers.

There are multiple techniques that are used successfully to return the skin to a more youthful state of improved elasticity, texture and tone. After extensive research, we have combined the following techniques into a number of different packages to achieve the desired results without any downtime.

IPL (Intense Pulsed Light or LimeLight)

Laser Genesis

The Cutera® Titan™

Gives you an all-natural option to enhance skin tone. Titan uses light energy to heat the dermis deep beneath your skin’s surface, without surgery, recovery time, or injections, Titan is an ideal solution for your face, arms and abdomen. [MORE]

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