Dysport Treatment in Cedar Rapids, IA

Are you searching for a way to restore your youthful skin? You are not alone. Millions of people around the world want to treat the signs of aging. Anti-aging skincare products may not be enough to prevent and treat wrinkles and fine lines. However, there is another non-surgical way to combat these skin concerns. At Cosmetic Solutions Laser & Skin Care Center, we offer Dysport® treatments to help you reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. 

Dr. Dana J. Messenger cares about her patients and goes the extra mile to help them reach their goals. If you want to treat your wrinkles without surgery, Dysport injections can provide your desired results. For more information on Dysport treatments, contact us online or visit us in Cedar Rapids, IA, for your consultation.

What Is Dysport Used For?

Dysport is an effective non-surgical treatment that is FDA-approved for the treatment of glabella lines, the vertical lines between your brow. It is a neuromodulator that inhibits certain facial muscle contractions. It specifically paralyzes the muscles that cause dynamic wrinkles. 

Botulinum toxin is the primary ingredient in Dysport that blocks the nerve signals and relaxes your facial muscles. It is injected into the deeper layers of your skin to target dynamic wrinkles at the source.

The Benefits of Dysport

Dysport offers a range of benefits, from fast-acting results to wrinkle prevention. Here are a few benefits of using Dysport:


Dysport is a non-surgical, minimally-invasive treatment that does not require downtime. You don’t have to worry about incisions, stitches, or lengthy recovery periods. You can enjoy all the benefits without the hassle of undergoing surgery. 

Additionally, Dysport treatments are more affordable and less time-consuming than surgical anti-aging treatments. It also has fewer risks than surgery. If you are not ready to commit to surgery, Dysport is ideal for you. 

Fast-Acting Results

Dysport works quickly to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. You should see initial results in as little as two to four days, with the final results appearing after about two weeks. It takes some time for Dysport to relax your facial muscles and eliminate wrinkles, but you won’t have to wait long. 

Wrinkle Prevention Treatment

While many people only use anti-aging treatments once wrinkles and fine lines appear on their face, Dysport can be used to prevent dynamic wrinkles before they settle on your face. You can incorporate Dysport into your regular skincare routine when you are in your 30s to keep your skin smooth and youthful.

How Long Does Dysport Last?

Dysport temporarily paralyzes your muscles. It is not a permanent solution for wrinkles and fine lines. Ongoing treatments are required to keep your skin wrinkle-free. On average, Dysport lasts four months. This may vary depending on your metabolism and other lifestyle factors that may remove Dysport from your body more quickly. 

To keep your skin smooth constantly, we recommend that you schedule touch-up treatments three times a year. The treatments are quick and easy, so it is convenient for those with a busy schedule.

What’s the Difference Between Dysport and Botox?

Are you comparing Dysport vs. Botox to choose the most suitable treatment? We can help you decide. Botox and Dysport are similar to each other in the way they treat wrinkles. They are also made of the same components. However, they specialize in different treatment areas and offer different results. 

For example, Dysport results will appear faster than Botox. In some cases, Botox results only appear after seven days, while Dysport makes changes to your skin in as little as two days. However, when it comes to the duration of results, Botox lasts slightly longer. Dysport lasts about four months, whereas Botox can last three to six months. 

When it comes to treatment areas, Dysport is more suitable for larger areas like your forehead since it is better at spreading than Botox. We generally recommend Dysport for deep wrinkles and glabella lines since it can diffuse better over a larger area.

Schedule an Initial Consultation

Now that you know the difference between Dysport vs. Botox, you understand why it is crucial to visit us for a consultation. During your initial consultation, we can discuss the area you want to be treated and assess the severity of your wrinkles and fine lines. 

We will also discuss your medical history and ensure that you don’t have any medical conditions that may clash with Dysport, such as muscle weakness disorder. This is also a good time to ask us questions about the treatment so that you can be sure it is right for you. With all the information you provide, we can recommend the best neuromodulator to meet your skincare needs.

Dysport Treatments: What to Expect

Dysport treatments are quick and easy. Your session won’t last longer than 30 minutes. This makes it ideal for those who lead busy lives. In fact, some of our patients fit their Dysport treatments into their lunch breaks. 

If you want to do more than reduce the appearance of wrinkles, you can combine your Dysport treatment with other non-surgical cosmetic treatments. That is why it is important to schedule an initial consultation with us in Cedar Rapids, IA, to create a suitable treatment plan.

Rejuvenate Your Skin With Dysport

When it comes to treating glabellar lines, Dysport can provide significant results. At Cosmetic Solutions Laser & Skin Care Center, we offer Dysport injections to improve the condition of your skin. We can’t wait to help you. If you would like to know more about Dysport and what it can do for you, contact us online or call us at (319) 774-4951 to schedule your appointment.

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