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If you are living in regret about one or more of your tattoos, you’re not alone. The good news is that your tattoo isn’t as permanent as you may have originally thought. At Cosmetic Solutions Laser & Skin Care Center in Cedar Rapids, IA, we offer laser tattoo removal treatments that can take away those unwanted tattoos and restore your natural skin.

What Is Laser Tattoo Removal?

Laser tattoo removal is a treatment that uses laser light to break down the pigment in unwanted tattoos, allowing your body to absorb and remove it. We use Cutera’s Enlighten® III to perform our laser tattoo removal treatments. This system uses the most advanced laser tattoo removal technology to safely remove unwanted tattoos of different colors and sizes in all different locations.

How Does Laser Tattoo Removal Work?

The Enlighten III laser system uses short, high-power, picosecond laser pulses to target and destroy the ink particles that make up the entirety of a tattoo. The powerful technology in the device can eradicate unwanted tattoos faster than other traditional laser systems.

The dual wavelengths use nano and pico pulses to quickly and effectively shatter tattoo ink particles. As it does, the body responds with an immune reaction and uses the lymphatic system to flush those particles away in the weeks following each treatment.

What Are the Benefits of Laser Tattoo Removal?

Fewer Treatment Sessions

With Enlighten III, patients experience a significant reduction in the number of sessions typically needed for sufficient laser tattoo removal. This advanced technology breaks down ink particles more efficiently than traditional lasers, allowing for quicker clearance by the body’s lymphatic system.

Minimal Effects on Surrounding Skin

The precision of laser tattoo removal treatment technologies allows for the surrounding skin to be minimally affected during the process. This can reduce the risk of damage and pigmentation changes.

Removes All Colors of Ink

Advancements in laser tattoo removal treatment have made it possible to effectively remove all colors of ink, a significant leap forward from previous limitations. Different wavelengths are used to target specific ink colors for a more complete removal.

Gradual Results With Time to Heal

Laser removal tattoo treatments are designed to provide gradual results, allowing the skin ample time to heal between sessions. This approach promotes healthier skin regeneration, making the removal process as gentle as it is effective.

Non-Invasive Treatments

The non-invasive nature of laser tattoo removal eliminates the need for surgery, shortening recovery times. Patients appreciate the convenience of returning to their daily routines immediately following each session. 

Effective on Previously Treated Tattoos

Enlighten III can effectively treat tattoos that have previously undergone tattoo removal services. Where other treatments might struggle to make further progress, Enlighten III’s advanced technology can break down ink particles that were resistant to earlier attempts, offering a solution for those who thought their tattoos were untreatable.

Suitable for Many Different Skin Types

Laser tattoo removal has evolved to be suitable for a wider range of skin types, thanks to adjustable wavelengths, lasers that penetrate deeper, and better treatment protocols. This allows more of our patients with varying skin types and tones to benefit from this treatment. 

Common Questions About Laser Tattoo Removal

The Enlighten III laser system can remove all types of tattoos, including new, old, and faded ones. It can also just remove certain features from tattoos if you don’t want to eliminate the entire tattoo. It can also treat tattoos that have been previously treated by another laser system but have not been completely eliminated.

One of the reasons Enlighten III is the best choice for tattoo removal treatments is that not only does it completely eliminate unwanted tattoos, but it does so through a safe and virtually painless treatment process. Most patients compare the tattoo removal sensation to the feeling of a rubber band gently snapping against the skin.

Most patients need a series of treatments to completely eliminate their unwanted tattoos. The tattooing process forces ink into the skin at different depths. As a result, the laser must break down the pigment particles at different levels of the skin to effectively eliminate the entire tattoo.

The body responds to each treatment by flushing those particles from the system, which results in a gradually fading tattoo. Depending on the color and size of your tattoo, it will take a series of specific treatments to eliminate it completely.

Patients will notice some immediate results following their first treatment. As the body eliminates the shattered pigment particles from the system, the treatment area will slowly resume a natural and uniform skin tone.

The tattoo’s color pigment will fade after each treatment until it’s completely removed from the skin. It’s important to note that some activities can slow your results, including alcohol consumption, which taxes the liver and slows the process, and smoking, which decreases blood circulation.

Once your treatment is over, you can resume your normal daily activities. We will provide aftercare instructions you must follow since the skin in the treatment area will be more sensitive to the sun and certain topical products. You may experience some redness immediately following your treatment, but it will completely subside shortly after.

The best candidates for laser tattoo removal treatments are patients in good health with one or more unwanted tattoos who want a safe and effective process that can permanently eliminate those tattoos.

Patients who have undergone tattoo removal treatments in the past that haven’t completely eliminated their tattoos also make good candidates for this treatment process. It’s important that patients commit to the recommended number of treatments to achieve their ideal results.

Remove Your Unwanted Tattoo With a Treatment Process That Works

Whether you got your tattoo years ago or last month, laser tattoo removal provides a simple and effective solution to remove it and restore your natural skin. At Cosmetic Solutions Laser & Skin Care Center, we can provide you with more details about the Enlighten III laser system and what you can expect from your unique treatment process during your initial consultation. Our goal is to design a treatment plan to effectively eliminate your tattoo once and for all. To learn more about our tattoo removal services in Cedar Rapids, IA, fill out a form on our website or call (319) 368-5566.

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