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Atlastin Skincare

ALASTIN Skincare is dedicated to developing innovative, clinically tested skin care products that correct, protect and maintain healthy skin for a lifetime. Their unparalleled Procedure Enhancement and Restore & Renew products are formulated with TriHex Technology, a patented combination of key peptides and other synergistic ingredients using the latest technology and are clinically tested to demonstrate safety and their ability to help reawaken the skin’s youthful regenerating processes.

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SkinMedica® products are formulated with a natural chemistry of medical-grade ingredients for all skin types and were developed by the makers of Juvederm and Botox. This line delivers results as dramatic as the science behind the products so you can both see and feel the difference.

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ZO Skin Health

ZO Skin Health, Inc. develops and delivers innovative skincare solutions that optimize skin health based on the latest advances in skin therapy technologies, unique delivery systems, bioengineered complexes, and exclusive formulations. ZO Skin Health, Inc. bridges the gap between therapeutic treatments and daily care, allowing patients to experience continuously healthy skin regardless of their age, ethnicity, or unique skin condition.

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SkinBetter Science­™

From the aesthetic experts that developed Restylane and Dysport, the SkinBetter Science team set out to create a new paradigm in clinical skincare. Their formulas not only deliver measurable benefits, but they also treat you to a sumptuous and pampering sensorial experience. The science inside each bottle is developed with a single goal to deliver radiant, youthful skin that reflects the beauty of science.

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Senté is a medical grade skin care line that has collaborated with leading scientists from all over the world to develop age management products that are proven to be safe and effective for those seeking healthy looking skin. Senté’s HSA biotechnology of scientific formulations has been proven to boost and improve skin texture, firmness, and hydration from the inside out. HSA (Heparan Sulfate Analog) found exclusively in all Senté products gives the skin what it needs so that it can naturally activate and enhance the production of healthy skin cells.


Get eyes that pop with a single drop. The only FDA-approved prescription eyedrop proven to lift upper eyelids in adults with low-lying lids. If your eyelid covers the colorful part of your eye, you look tired or sleepy, you may have low-lying lids, which is a common condition that can affect adults of all ages. If you are bothered by your eyelids, contact Cosmetic Solutions, Upneeq will be an option for you.


Obagi Medical provides transformational skin care products formulated to minimize signs of skin aging, address dark spots, hyperpigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles, and to protect and enhance skin tone and texture.

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